2012 State of Online Video Report

2012 State of Online VideoWhat a pivotal twelve months it has been for online video. 2012 saw record-breaking highs of videos streamed, users watching and advertisers spending. So what will 2013 bring? We’ve collected it all in one place for you: Welcome to the 2012 State of Online Video Report.  

Whether you were one of the 182 million viewers watching online videos, or are a CMO looking forward to personalized video driving deeper customer engagement in 2013, we all played a part in 2012’s record-breaking year of videos.  

  1. Online Video Consumption shows record-breaking numbers of content videos watched and video ads viewed.
  2. Personally Relevant Video fosters higher engagement.
  3. Video Advertising Market recognizes ROI, and hence, increases spending.
  4. Mobile Video Viewing reaches an all-time high, and is forecasted for continued growth.
  5. Use of Video Among Online Retailers enriches site experiences for visitors.
  6. 2013 Online Video Trends include personalized customer experience and engagement strategies. 

Dive in to the 2012 State of Online Video Report, or view the infographic if you prefer your data visually. 

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