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It’s Here – The SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform!

SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform

It’s an exciting day here at SundaySky - we’re announcing the next generation of our SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform! Before I walk you through these platform enhancements, let me explain why we decided to enhance our platform in the first place.

Facebook (kind of) Pulls a SundaySky with Personalized Videos

Facebook Look Back videos

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary this week, Facebook released ‘Look Back’ videos – personalized videos that compile and highlight users’ biggest moments on the site. This feature created a ton of buzz among the Facebook community with hundreds of millions of videos rendered (and its been blowing up my news feed for the past 36 hours!), but it’s not the first of its kind. Both Instagram and Google released similar features at the end of 2013 entitled Year in Review; Vizify developed a video tool that compiles Twitter users’ top photos, tweet topics, stats, and followers; and the NFL recently introduced NFL Now, a personalized video service that allows fans to view NFL news, analysis and highlights of favorite teams and players. 

2014 Trends to Watch: Predictions for Video in Ad-Tech

2014 Ad Tech Predictions

In less than four weeks, Super Bowl viewers will see the first interactive commercial enabled for shopping via a smart TV. Online marketers are thinking, “Been there, done that.” Brands such as Target and Neiman Marcus have been experimenting with shoppable video ads online for the last few years, so this is for you guys: Five predictions for the direction video will head in and how it will shape the ad-tech landscape over the next twelve months. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SmartVideo Teams

7 Habits of SmartVideo Teams

As the Head of Customer Success, I lead a team to ensure best in class SmartVideo programs are established and delivered to meet our customer’s performance goals, KPIs and expectations. Part of that process includes supporting the setup of the team on our customer’s side, to ensure they have a strong and skilled “dream team” in place within their organization, working as our direct counterpart to aid in a seamless SmartVideo program.

2014 Trends to Watch: Personalized Experiences from Healthcare Payers

Healthcare Exchange Error

In the year ahead, we anticipate that personalization and customer experience will be key trends for healthcare payers, largely due to the recent release of the health insurance marketplace, the consumerism of healthcare, and a shift in consumer expectations.

SmartVideo Welcome Experiences to Enhance New Customer Engagement

Welcome Experience

Heightened competition, increased consumer expectations, declining customer loyalty – these are all hurdles that many brands are facing today. More than ever, companies need differentiating strategies to compete in challenging markets, and personalized customer experiences are becoming a key driver for such strategies. 

Q&A with CEO Shmulik Weller: “SundaySky Closes $20M Financing Round” [VIDEO]

SundaySky Series C $20M

We’re celebrating a major milestone in the SundaySky offices today: We are thrilled to announce we have raised $20 million in our series C funding round! This round, led by new investor Comcast Ventures and joined by Liberty Global Ventures, Vintage Ventures, and our existing investors, Carmel Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners and Norwest Venture Partners, brings SundaySky’s total capital invested to date to almost $40 million.

How to Measure the Value of a SmartVideo View

SmartVideo views across devices

The true measurement of success for a SmartVideo program boils down to the value of a SmartVideo view. A view is the most basic indicator of how engaging and effective the SmartVideo is. For how long did the viewer watch the video? Did the viewer take an action? Did the viewer take the desired inaction? Fundamental to all SmartVideo solutions is tracking and measuring the results of views with an eye on delivering incremental business impact.

Q&A with Seth Marlowe, SundaySky Sales Director

Seth Marlowe, SundaySky Sales Director

This is part of a monthly blog series where we highlight the diverse staff of SundaySky, featuring a different employee each month.

Five Ways Brands Can Use Personalized Pre-Roll Ads

Lenovo Pre-Roll Ad

Earlier this week I posted an opposing response to a recent VentureBeat guest article by Mo Al Adham, who argued the end is near for pre-roll video ads because they negatively impact the advertiser’s brand. On the contrary, there is still infinite opportunity for the pre-roll, as long as brands recognize that online video advertising is a different ballgame than traditional TV advertising. While a 15-second spot – whether online or on TV – appears to be the same medium, there is so much more data-driven intel that can be used within video ads, which can deliver beyond just brand awareness but actual conversion and revenue performance.

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