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Weekly News Roundup - What Makes a Great Brand and Mobile Growth


Here to send you off for the weekend is our weekly news roundup, recapping the week's highlights including: our inclusion as one of the hottest Tel Aviv start-ups, an analysis of what 
makes an exceptional brand truly great, and progress on the UK mobile retail scene.

Top 25 Hottest Tel Aviv Start-ups
Informilo Media on 9/16

Congrats, everyone: This week SundaySky was named as one of the top 25 hottest start-ups by London business publication Informilo Media!

Weekly News Roundup - CMO-CIO Collaboration, NA-EUR Differences


Here to send you off for the weekend is our weekly news roundup, recapping last week's highlights including: the psychological science behind storytelling, turning data into actionable personalized communications, plus thought leadership gems on the CMO-CIO relationship and cultural advertising clashes across the pond.

Can't You Just Get Along? CIO, CMO = No Strong Bond

CMSWire CMO-CIO Divide

SundaySky president and chief revenue officer Jim Dicso spoke with CMSWire's Kelly Bilodeau recently on improving CMO and CIO collaboration and alignment, as a result of Accenture's recent report "Cutting Across the CMO-CIO Divide." Below is the full article by Kelly Bilodeau, which was first published August 28, 2014 on CMSWire

Weekly News Roundup - Brands Developing Programs for Multichannel Engagement & Millennials Ruling Mobile Video

SundaySky News Roundup

Starting you off for the week ahead, here is our weekly news roundup for Monday morning, recapping the past week's highlights with a focus on customer experience, the multichannel world we live in, and the power of storytelling.

How Insurers Can Get, Grow & Keep Customers with Personalized Video

Policyholder customer lifecycle for SmartVideo

According to Forrester's 2014 insurance trends report, consumer empowerment and expectations are changing the rules for insurers: in addition to their own changing demographics, consumers have high expectations for brand relationships set by their experiences with online retailers, travel sites and financial apps. As a result, consumers require more personalized, digital experiences and interactions throughout the relationship with their insurer.

Weekly News Roundup - Storytelling, Mobile, and Customer Engagement


Here to kick off your Monday is our weekly news roundup, recapping last week's highlights including: why storytelling continues to excel as a marketing communication technique, how emotions and behavior fuel customer engagement and brand loyalty, and why Hilton's new 'digital lobby' mobile check-in is all about the customer. 

Telefónica Taps SundaySky as Personalized Video Partner

Telefonica partners with SundaySky

We recently announced a partnership with one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Telefónica

4 Security Considerations when Choosing a Personalized Video Partner

Video security

There is a huge opportunity to leverage personalized video to better engage with your customers and create lasting and profitable relationships. However, sharing customer data with your SmartVideo partner can pose a security risk to your organization if not handled properly. Here are our recommendations on how to maintain the utmost level of security while delivering engaging and effective video experiences.

Weekly News Roundup - Mobile, Advertising and Real-time

World Cup real time advertising

Happy Friday and welcome to my Weekly News Roundup for July 18, 2014. Highlights include placing mobile at the center of marketing and it's untapped value, digital advertising and real-time innovations.

Weekly News Roundup - Personalization, Ads and SmartVideo

describe the image

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly news roundup! I will be highlighting a collection of news from the previous week for enjoyment of SmartVideo blog readers.

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