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No Video Content? No Problem. What 43% of Email Marketers Don’t Know

Dog Ate Homework

Last week as I was preparing for a meeting with one of SundaySky's newest customers – a top five U.S. retailer – I came across this eMarketer article, “Video Is the Next Frontier for Email Marketers.” The writer states that even though "consumers have shown an almost insatiable demand for online video," 43% of marketers don't use videos in email communications simply because they lacked the respective video content.

SmartVideo Summit Panel Recap: Video Bill Masters

Video Bill Masters

Telecommunications, financial services, insurance and healthcare providers are all industries where companies establish a recurring customer relationship with a monthly statement or bill delivery. However, bill shock and product complexity of statements can lead to excessive support costs, churn, and higher barriers to expanding customer relationships. Proactively addressing the complexity of billing and statement administration with personalized SmartVideo is proving to address these challenges.

Why I Joined SundaySky

Casey Myers

Spend any adequate amount of time with the product and the people, and the answer to “why” one would join SundaySky is quite obvious: a killer SaaS platform that exudes business value + uber-smart people = a powerful combination in these competitive times, for both employee and end-customer.

Live from Mobile World Congress: How to Enhance the Customer Experience in the “First 90 Days”

Mobile Providers First 90 Days

I’m coming to you live from Spain, at day two of Mobile World Congress 2013, where senior mobile professionals and partners from around the global convene to explore the innovative horizon. Though the future looks bright for mobile carriers everywhere, there are a few obstacles that continue to characterize the industry: high churn, high customer care costs, complex billing, and minimal differentiation.

Q&A with Eran Orlev, SmartVideo Product Manager

Eran Orlev, Product Manager

This post is the first part of a monthly blog series where we’ll highlight the diverse staff of SundaySky. A different employee will be featured every month.

SmartVideo Calls to Action for Customer Engagement

online video calls to action

Just a few short years ago, online video was simply a form of brand awareness and expression – a promotional video or TV commercial repurposed for the Web. Today, it has evolved into a medium specifically intended for the interactive Web user experience.

How Does SmartVideo Best Deliver Value? 5 Considerations to Ask Yourself

5 Values for SmartVideo

At this point in the game, you are implementing video for your online marketing efforts. (At least you know you should be.) You’re following the industry blogosphere and keep hearing about videos leveraging big data, personalization, high volume and real-time content – the so-called “smart videos.” But how do you know what areas of your business offer the best opportunity for SmartVideo to provide the most incremental value?

15 Innovative and Smart Video Players to Follow

video play light blue3

I'm not referring to video player software, but the top participants driving online video innovation today. If you follow our blog regularly, are familiar with the online video industry, or are just a connected customer then you know that video is booming and will only continue to grow both in video consumption and video ad spending. Between brands, content sites and people, here is a round up of the 15 video players innovating the industry that you should be following today. 

Where Do Customer Loyalty and Recommendations Come From?

Customer Recommendations

“You gotta try this!” … It’s a phrase that draws you in. There’s excitement, satisfaction and wonder behind it. For brands it is the ultimate compliment – a word of mouth recommendation. A verbal Like button, it is a sign of success and the underlying component to NPS (net promoter score) aka “the ultimate customer satisfaction question.” 

Insights from the Forrester Customer Experience Forum 2012

Forrester Customer Experience Forum 2012

I just returned from two days at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum where leading industry speakers shared thought-provoking ideas and powerful content. Simply put, this event helped solidify my view of the future where the customer is at the center of competitive strategy for the leaders in every industry. In fact, Harley Manning of Forrester shared a graph that compared 5-year total return of customer experience leaders (up 22%) to customer experience laggards (down 46%) to the S&P 500 (down 1%). Clearly, companies adopting a customer-centric strategy are already proving that we are in the “Age of the Customer.”

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