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Weekly News Roundup - CMO-CIO Collaboration, NA-EUR Differences


Here to send you off for the weekend is our weekly news roundup, recapping last week's highlights including: the psychological science behind storytelling, turning data into actionable personalized communications, plus thought leadership gems on the CMO-CIO relationship and cultural advertising clashes across the pond.

Can't You Just Get Along? CIO, CMO = No Strong Bond

CMSWire CMO-CIO Divide

SundaySky president and chief revenue officer Jim Dicso spoke with CMSWire's Kelly Bilodeau recently on improving CMO and CIO collaboration and alignment, as a result of Accenture's recent report "Cutting Across the CMO-CIO Divide." Below is the full article by Kelly Bilodeau, which was first published August 28, 2014 on CMSWire

Telefónica Taps SundaySky as Personalized Video Partner

Telefonica partners with SundaySky

We recently announced a partnership with one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Telefónica

HITEC 2013 Shows There is a Home for SmartVideo in Hospitality

HITEC 2013
This is a guest blog article by Mike Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer at Clairvoyix.

The annual show for everything financial and technical in the hospitality space, HITEC, reminded me that it doesn’t matter what state the economy is in, you better lead, follow or get out of the way! The hospitality world is finally showing very robust signs of life with the rebounding economy, but that doesn’t mean the easy days of high occupancy and high ADRs (average daily rates) are back. Of course, tough economic times are the true test of a marketer. I believe the CFO rules when sales and profits are down, and for a CMO that means those three other letters – ROI – are the most important when requesting funds for marketing initiatives. To drive incremental ROI, marketers need to find new and exciting ways to communicate with past guests and future prospects. What is a hospitality marketer to do? You definitely want to “lead.”

Think from the “Outside In” to Boost the Customer Experience

Forrester Customer Experience Forum 2013

I always look forward to Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Forum East in NYC. Last year’s conference confirmed we had entered the Age of the Customer, and brands across industries recognized it, too. Still, only 8% of the 150+ brands on Forester’s Customer Experience Index (CEI) received grades of “excellent.” What’s everyone doing wrong?

9 SmartVideo Performance Gems To Make Every CMO Smile [Infographic]

SmartVideo Customer Satisfaction

“I’m investing in SmartVideo for NPS impact, and am paying for it with the financial ROI it’s delivering.” This is one of my favorite anecdotes said by the CMO of a Fortune 500 company. More than ever, the C-suite is implementing video for both financial impact and deeper levels of brand engagement. Yet, companies recognize if they only focus on financial ROI, they can easily miss the boat on customer experience.

Creating Brand Advantage with Perpetually Connected Customers

Forrester Marketing Leaders Forum 2013

Last week I attended Forrester's Forum for Marketing Leaders in Los Angeles, focused on strategies for leveraging big data to better manage marketing communication programs in a world where half of adults globally will be perpetually connected to the Internet by the end of 2013, as Forrester predicts. The bottom line: every moment is a chance to connect and service customers. The opportunities for creating brand affinity and value are truly boundless in this hyper connected, hyper personalized global techno-village. However, these opportunities simultaneously carry an overwhelming capacity to bombard and frustrate customers and brands managers alike, who fail to properly plan and/or harness the great power of data-driven communications.

Smarter Video: Higher Engagement in 2012; What's Next for 2013 [NEW REPORT]

2012 Personally Relevant Video Stats

This week, SundaySky released our annual State of Online Video Report, collective research from industry leaders and experts, as well as our own trend data and perspective. It will probably come as no surprise that 2012 was a record-breaking year for video: an all-time high of viewers (182 million), content videos consumed (456.6 million) and video ads viewed (105.4 billion). But my favorite finding from the report? Personally relevant video is fostering higher viewer engagement.

Take Five from Digiday Video

Digiday Video Conference 2012

Yesterday, I attended Digiday’s Video annual conference here in NYC where roughly 300 digital citizens convened to reflect on the state, growth, opportunities and challenges of the online video market. Admittedly, I skedaddled with still yet a couple of sessions to go, but can sum up my five takeaways from the event as follows:

What Makes a SmartVideo Champion?

SmartVideo Champions

 “We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting, till the end”

I’d love to tell you our customers sing Queen to us in support of SmartVideo. (Maybe they do?!) Regardless, our customers not only support and root for SmartVideo programs within their organizations, they help educate their colleagues and cross-functional departments on how SmartVideo can be deployed across their brand through their customer’s lifecycle – from customer conversion and acquisition through customer care, support and retention.

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