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No Video Content? No Problem. What 43% of Email Marketers Don’t Know

Dog Ate Homework

Last week as I was preparing for a meeting with one of SundaySky's newest customers – a top five U.S. retailer – I came across this eMarketer article, “Video Is the Next Frontier for Email Marketers.” The writer states that even though "consumers have shown an almost insatiable demand for online video," 43% of marketers don't use videos in email communications simply because they lacked the respective video content.

Why Delivery Channels Matter for SmartVideo Success [Infographic]

SmartVideos Email Delivery

I recently joined SundaySky as Head of Customer Success, to support our customers with the strategic delivery of their performance-focused SmartVideo programs. I was excited to join the team at a time when SmartVideo is disrupting the video and customer lifecycle space. The team is motivated and super smart, plus I get to work with the most recognized brands who are totally invested in building the most engaging and impactful customer engagement experiences.

Smarter Video: Higher Engagement in 2012; What's Next for 2013 [NEW REPORT]

2012 Personally Relevant Video Stats

This week, SundaySky released our annual State of Online Video Report, collective research from industry leaders and experts, as well as our own trend data and perspective. It will probably come as no surprise that 2012 was a record-breaking year for video: an all-time high of viewers (182 million), content videos consumed (456.6 million) and video ads viewed (105.4 billion). But my favorite finding from the report? Personally relevant video is fostering higher viewer engagement.

6 Tips for Delivering SmartVideo by Email [BONUS: Downloadable PDF]

Emailing SmartVideos

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, you can apply the same philosophical thought process to the SmartVideo delivery experience: If a SmartVideo is delivered and no one sees it, does it produce results?

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