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Weekly News Roundup - Brands Developing Programs for Multichannel Engagement & Millennials Ruling Mobile Video

SundaySky News Roundup

Starting you off for the week ahead, here is our weekly news roundup for Monday morning, recapping the past week's highlights with a focus on customer experience, the multichannel world we live in, and the power of storytelling.

Top 5 Trends to Watch from 2012 Summit

2012 Denver Summit

Each year thousands of digital marketing mavens from the top 500 internet retailers in the world to entrepreneurs with startup fever in their blood, flock to the annual summit to listen and learn to the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. This year was no different as over 4,500 professionals from the online retail industry gathered in Denver last week.

Compelling Customer Experiences: Connecting through Multiple Channels

HP Exstream

This is a guest blog post from Avi Greenfield, Product Manager for HP Exstream. 

On our Exstream Impact blog, we frequently discuss the importance of multi-channel customer communications to better the customer experience. In today’s society and economy, consumers and workers are more mobile than ever. The lines are blurring between devices and technology people use at work versus play. With more than 350 million tablets and one billion Smartphones expected to be in use in the U.S. by 2016, it’s no wonder that consumers are demanding access to communications through electronic channels in addition to traditional print or snail mail.

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