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Five Ways Brands Can Use Personalized Pre-Roll Ads

Lenovo Pre-Roll Ad

Earlier this week I posted an opposing response to a recent VentureBeat guest article by Mo Al Adham, who argued the end is near for pre-roll video ads because they negatively impact the advertiser’s brand. On the contrary, there is still infinite opportunity for the pre-roll, as long as brands recognize that online video advertising is a different ballgame than traditional TV advertising. While a 15-second spot – whether online or on TV – appears to be the same medium, there is so much more data-driven intel that can be used within video ads, which can deliver beyond just brand awareness but actual conversion and revenue performance.

Positive Brand Impact and a Better Customer Experience with Pre-Roll Ads


Recently, Mo Al Adham, CEO of Telly, wrote a VentureBeat article, “3 reasons why digital video needs to rethink its advertising model,” in which he argues that pre-roll ads have a “negative impact” on the advertised brand and that the “death of pre-roll video” is looming. I’d like to counter his perspective: pre-roll ads have the ability to positively impact customer-centric brands and drive customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

The Anatomy of a Five-Star SmartVideo

Five Star SmartVideo

It is well-documented that SmartVideo can be a powerful platform of communication. But what are some of the best ways to ensure that your SmartVideo campaign meets its objectives?

Why Delivery Channels Matter for SmartVideo Success [Infographic]

SmartVideos Email Delivery

I recently joined SundaySky as Head of Customer Success, to support our customers with the strategic delivery of their performance-focused SmartVideo programs. I was excited to join the team at a time when SmartVideo is disrupting the video and customer lifecycle space. The team is motivated and super smart, plus I get to work with the most recognized brands who are totally invested in building the most engaging and impactful customer engagement experiences.

Digital Video Trendspotting at Ad:Tech San Francisco

ad:tech 2013 San Francisco

A burgeoning ecosystem of buyers, publishers, ad networks and technology companies congregated at ad:tech in San Francisco last week to participate in what amounts to nothing short of the complete transformation of the advertising industry. 

SmartVideo Summit Panel Recap: Bridging Brand & Performance Advertising

SmartVideo Advertising panel discussion

We’ve seen tremendous growth in online video ad consumption over the last couple of years. Online video advertising revenues topped $1 billion in the first two quarters of 2012, video ad views reached 9.9 billion in February, and YouTube just hit 1 billion monthly users.

Who Did You Vote For? Online Video is the Winner in 2012 Election

Online Video in the 2012 Election

Welcome to Election Day. Here is a roundup of how online videos and video ad campaigns played a crucial and record-breaking role during the 2012 presidential elections.

4 More Ways to Use Retargeted Video Ads for Customer Acquisition

Video Ads push cross-sell performance

Retargeted advertising is not a new concept of performance advertising. And when you add online video, you meet the intersection of performance and brand advertising. Retargeted video advertising bridges these two ad disciplines and delivers the best of both worlds, proving to ‘outperform’ brand advertising and ‘outbrand’ performance advertising.

When to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Retargeted Video Ads

VideoAdsLengthMainImage resized 600

Similar to television advertising, the most effective lengths for online video ads are 15 and 30-second spots. Yet the advantage SmartVideo advertising has over TV is that pre-roll ads are targeted to customers based on their individual behavior, value or other personal relevance. But which video ad length is most successful at converting site abandoners in to your loyal customers?

4 Tips for Delivering Retargeted Video Ads

Retargeted Video Ads Tips

Bringing site abandoners back to the site is an ideal way to drive brand engagement and recapture an otherwise lost investment in traffic, thereby increasing sales. An effective way of doing this is with retargeted ads. These ads re-engage visitors who left the website without converting based on their previous Internet actions.

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