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"Flipping the Funnel" from Brand Awareness to Advocacy and Engagement

ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit

Last week I joined about 350 online video professionals ranging from video software and consulting vendors to in-house video production specialists at major retailers such as Zappos, eBay and Amazon at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit 2013 in San Francisco. 

No Video Content? No Problem. What 43% of Email Marketers Don’t Know

Dog Ate Homework

Last week as I was preparing for a meeting with one of SundaySky's newest customers – a top five U.S. retailer – I came across this eMarketer article, “Video Is the Next Frontier for Email Marketers.” The writer states that even though "consumers have shown an almost insatiable demand for online video," 43% of marketers don't use videos in email communications simply because they lacked the respective video content.

SmartVideo Tech Series: How is SmartVideo Generated? (Part 1)

SmartVideo technology

Over the last 20 years, the web has evolved from static, manually written pages to computer generated pages, driven by data collected in databases, inputted by users and computed by algorithms. SmartVideo, to me, is the natural evolution of video into the dynamic era. Instead of manually producing every single video (such as the web once was), a system is now capable of generating, tailoring, personalizing, contextualizing and optimizing video based on data.

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