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Super Bowl 2015: How to Make the Most of a $4.5 Million Ad

Posted by Elad Ben David on Tue, Jan 27, 2015

30 seconds. $4.5 million. 111.5 million viewers.

The Super Bowl is the year’s biggest opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience of enthusiastic and focused viewers – but that opportunity comes with a steep price tag. Each year we hear grumblings about the high cost, yet networks continue to sell out their inventory and the number of new advertisers getting in on the game continues to grow. According to eMarketer and Kantar Media, first-time advertisers increased from six to nine brands between 2013 and 2014, and will reach 15 this year. But why are the brands willing to pay such a steep price?

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Weekly News Roundup: Allied Solutions Deploys SmartVideo

Posted by Joanna Strick on Fri, Oct 24, 2014

Here to send you off for the weekend is our news roundup, recapping highlights including the future of television as a video venture, bridging the omnichannel gap and our partner Allied Solutions' own SmartVideo deployment. 

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Tags: customer experience, personalization, online video, ecommerce, online retail, omnichannel, cxp

Weekly News Roundup - CMO-CIO Collaboration, NA-EUR Differences

Posted by Joanna Strick on Fri, Sep 05, 2014

Here to send you off for the weekend is our weekly news roundup, recapping last week's highlights including: the psychological science behind storytelling, turning data into actionable personalized communications, plus thought leadership gems on the CMO-CIO relationship and cultural advertising clashes across the pond.

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Tags: customer engagement, big data, personalization, CMOs

Weekly News Roundup - Personalization, Ads and SmartVideo

Posted by Joanna Strick on Thu, Jul 10, 2014

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly news roundup! I will be highlighting a collection of news from the previous week for enjoyment of SmartVideo blog readers.

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Tags: SmartVideo, personalization, advertising

Welcome to the SundaySky Family: Mark Flaharty, EVP, Advertising

Posted by Rachel Eisenhauer on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

SundaySky has appointed Mark Flaharty as the company’s executive vice president of advertising. Flaharty – a 20-year veteran of the digital marketing industry – comes to SundaySky from Criteo, a leading performance advertising technology company, where he built and led its North American business. At Criteo, he helped to define the personalized advertising strategy, which he couples with his years of experience in video and digital advertising at YouTube and Google, for his new position at SundaySky.

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Tags: YouTube, personalization, retargeted advertising, online video advertising, great people, careers

Mobile Video Advertising – Make It Personal

Posted by Darren Nicol on Fri, May 09, 2014

I recently attended the annual BrightRoll Video Summit in NYC, now in its fourth year. It was standing room only with more than 500 brand marketers, agencies, publishers and ad tech influencers in attendance. The venue was great, the sessions were insightful, the summit was a success. (So was the after party.)

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Tags: BrightRoll, mobile, personalization, video advertising, video ads, mobile ads, Forrester

SmartVideo Summit Recap: The SmartVideo Viewer Experience

Posted by Guy Atzmon on Thu, May 08, 2014

In many senses, I am a “guy” of two worlds: I’ve spent my entire life split back and forth between Tel Aviv and New York City, from growing up to my education to my career, and even today I lead teams in both cities. Additionally, I’m a man of two worlds because I’m passionate about both design and technology, art and science, form and function. Which is why SundaySky is a natural and perfect fit for me; it’s a company that allows me to blend my love of technology and art as the vice president of creative.

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Tags: customer experience, customers, personalization, creative, best practices, CTAs, SmartVideo Summit

2014 Trends to Watch: Personalized Experiences from Healthcare Payers

Posted by Deirdre Mills on Thu, Dec 12, 2013

In the year ahead, we anticipate that personalization and customer experience will be key trends for healthcare payers, largely due to the recent release of the health insurance marketplace, the consumerism of healthcare, and a shift in consumer expectations.

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Tags: customer engagement, customer experience, relevance, personalization, customer retention, customer care, healthcare, SmartEOB

Positive Brand Impact and a Better Customer Experience with Pre-Roll Ads

Posted by Yaniv Axen on Tue, Aug 06, 2013

Recently, Mo Al Adham, CEO of Telly, wrote a VentureBeat article, “3 reasons why digital video needs to rethink its advertising model,” in which he argues that pre-roll ads have a “negative impact” on the advertised brand and that the “death of pre-roll video” is looming. I’d like to counter his perspective: pre-roll ads have the ability to positively impact customer-centric brands and drive customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

Adham is right about one thing; online video advertising is currently executed the wrong way, in which it follows TV’s model of delivering one ad to many viewers, ultimately annoying the consumer. I agree that the industry needs to innovate, but not at the expense of the pre-roll ad. Consumers want content and experiences that address their personal interests, ads they want to watch. Matching creative best practices from TV advertising with data-driven intelligence established in the display marketing space in recent years lies opportunity to deliver better, more personalized video ad experiences to consumers, even by pre-roll. While the ability to choose your own ad experience before a Hulu video starts is a small step toward a personalized experience, many brands are leveraging online video ad platforms to quickly move beyond just contextualized ads repurposed from TV. Think about it: if given the choice, would you choose a video ad for someone like you, or a video ad created in the moment just for you?

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HITEC 2013 Shows There is a Home for SmartVideo in Hospitality

Posted by Rachel Eisenhauer on Wed, Jul 17, 2013

This is a guest blog article by Mike Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer at Clairvoyix.

The annual show for everything financial and technical in the hospitality space, HITEC, reminded me that it doesn’t matter what state the economy is in, you better lead, follow or get out of the way! The hospitality world is finally showing very robust signs of life with the rebounding economy, but that doesn’t mean the easy days of high occupancy and high ADRs (average daily rates) are back. Of course, tough economic times are the true test of a marketer. I believe the CFO rules when sales and profits are down, and for a CMO that means those three other letters – ROI – are the most important when requesting funds for marketing initiatives. To drive incremental ROI, marketers need to find new and exciting ways to communicate with past guests and future prospects. What is a hospitality marketer to do? You definitely want to “lead.”

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Tags: SmartVideo, personalization, CMOs, Clairvoyix, hospitality & travel

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