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2014 Trends to Watch: Personalized Experiences from Healthcare Payers

Posted by Deirdre Mills on Thu, Dec 12, 2013

In the year ahead, we anticipate that personalization and customer experience will be key trends for healthcare payers, largely due to the recent release of the health insurance marketplace, the consumerism of healthcare, and a shift in consumer expectations.

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Tags: customer engagement, customer experience, relevance, personalization, customer retention, customer care, healthcare, SmartEOB

3 Reasons Why Health Insurance Providers Need SmartVideo EOBs

Posted by Aaron Fullen on Thu, Apr 18, 2013

Ninety-seven percent of IT budget decision-makers in the US insurance industry agree: technology is critical to serve and support customers, stated a 2012 Forrester trend report. This is especially true for customer-centric insurers looking to enhance and differentiate the customer experience while simultaneously reducing care costs. Enter the smart explanation of benefit (EOB) video.

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Tags: call reduction, cross-tell, cross-selling, smart video, SmartVideo, customer experience, insurance companies, relevance, customer care, personally relevant video, calls to action, healthcare, SmartEOB

How the Travel Industry is Deepening Customer Loyalty

Posted by Steven Carey on Tue, Apr 09, 2013

I recently attended Loyalty Expo 2013, hosted by Loyalty360 in Orlando, and took away some great examples and educational nuggets around how brands, specifically in the travel industry, are enhancing their customer loyalty initiatives. A common mantra among customer-centric companies is that customer loyalty is not a destination, but a constant journey to support customers and deliver an optimal experience. Through every channel – in-person, online, through a call center – and at every customer touch point, there is an opportunity to drive and deepen a customer’s brand loyalty.

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Tags: customer experience, customer loyalty program, relevance, customer loyalty, brand loyalty, Loyalty 360, data intelligence, hospitality & travel

How to Hold a $4M Super Bowl Ad Accountable

Posted by Rachel Eisenhauer on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

They came and went in under five hours. They were chockfull of celebrity endorsements and Twitter hashtags. They were the Super Bowl commercials, watched by over 100 million viewers during last night’s game.

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Tags: Super Bowl ads, Best Buy, measuring business impact, YouTube, TV and video, relevance, customers, tablet, contextual attributes, SundaySky, targeted advertising, video advertising, retargeted advertising, video ads, ecommerce, Coca-Cola video, mobile ads, personally relevant video, multi-screen, segmentation, contextual advertising

6 Predictions for Online Video Technology in 2013

Posted by Yaniv Axen on Wed, Jan 09, 2013

If you read our 2012 State of Online Video Report, then you are familiar with our 2013 prediction that CMOs will enhance customer experience and engagement strategies with smarter applications of personalized video. But let me give you a deeper dive into additional predictions for online video technologies that are sure to prosper in the coming 12 months…

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Tags: customer engagement, big data, innovation, customer experience, contextualization, customer loyalty program, technology, HTML5, mobile, mobile video, YouTube, TV and video, insurance companies, relevance, customers, tablet, connected TV, contextual attributes

The Difference Between Personalization and Relevance in Online Video

Posted by Adam Vinokoor on Tue, Jan 08, 2013

At SundaySky, we’ve cultivated the two unique ingredients which make SmartVideo more engaging and effective than traditional video -- personalization and relevance. By incorporating these elements into marketing strategies, brands are better able to target the right customers at the right time with highly relevant promotions, products and information.

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Tags: smart video, SmartVideo, contextualization, relevance, personalized video, personalization, video ads, telecommunications, billing solutions, personally relevant video

Q&A with Eran Orlev, SmartVideo Product Manager

Posted by Adam Vinokoor on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

This post is the first part of a monthly blog series where we’ll highlight the diverse staff of SundaySky. A different employee will be featured every month.

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Tags: product management, smart video, SmartVideo, relevance, customers, AT&T, SundaySky, great people, employees, personally relevant video

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