Brand Be Nimble, Brand Be Quick: Engaging Digital Experiences in Uncertain Times

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As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world, businesses are feeling the impact and consumers’ needs for brand information has intensified. The current health crisis is prompting customer quests for up-to-date information and guidance on the correct actions to take from the brands that play a key role in their everyday lives. And while brand communication pushes are happening as fast as business operation changes occur, there remains an engagement problem that leaves many customers feeling lost and uninformed. The abundance of text-heavy emails, tone-deaf advertisements, and stiff website messages intended to inform us, are instead getting lost in the shuffle and are lacking customer empathy.
Guest speaker Joanna O'Connell, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester and SundaySky’s Head of Creative Strategy, Jonathon Ben Haim, discuss the need for digital experiences that are agile and adaptable—enabled by creative technology that streamlines, automates and optimizes—especially when unexpected external influences force businesses to adapt and customers to change their behaviors.
Watch the webinar to:
  1. Learn why consumer expectations and their ever-changing attitudes require rapid shifts in brands’ marketing messages and digital experiences
  2. Explore opportunities where creative technologies enable marketers to adapt content swiftly to deliver the right level of personalization at scale
  3. See how leading brands are responding to the impact of COVID-19 by adapting the creative of video-powered experiences to engage customers in this critical time

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