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About Summit 2020

Throughout the customer journey, there are moments of opportunity for a brand to deliver breakthrough CX engagement. We will explore all of these moments on July 21, during SundaySky’s Virtual Summit 2020: Breakthrough.

Join us virtually this year at our 8th annual customer conference to learn how video-powered experiences (VX) transform key moments across customer journeys and make a step-change impact to your business. This year’s theme, Breakthrough, highlights the important advances SundaySky has made in unlocking the full potential of compelling and immersive digital experiences to revolutionize customer engagement strategies. As the pioneers in our space, we’ve moved beyond personalized video, and invite you to discover the infinite possibilities of video-powered experiences to lead your customer engagement strategies and transform your digital CX.

Register to join us live on July 21 for SundaySky’s Virtual Summit 2020: Breakthrough. Just like our previous live Summits, this year’s virtual event will be an intimate setting for SundaySky customers and partners to hear from industry leaders and innovators, connect with peers blazing a trail within their organizations, and preview platform releases, new solutions and demos.

Who Should Attend?

CX executives, digital marketing leaders, performance advertisers, CX channel owners, and brand renegades all convene to learn from each other and share insights on transforming consumer engagement strategies with individualized and immersive VX. Previous attendees included:

Why Attend?

Meet digital leaders from different industries, who are at the forefront of data-driven marketing, performance advertising and CX engagement strategies.

Hear from leading brands and SundaySky customers achieving VX success, and ask questions to understand new opportunities to drive breakthrough outcomes for your business.

Learn from SundaySky experts on the most effective VX throughout customer journeys, previewing new solutions and demos from the next generation of SundaySky’s platform.

Highlights from 2019

Here’s a snapshot of what you missed last year, to get excited for Summit 2020!

Agenda: Tuesday, July 21


Desperate for CX differentiation, brands must fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. This requires a new generation of digital engagement where video leads and elevates the experience to break through engagement barriers. We call it VX: video-powered experiences.

SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso discusses the current state of VX powering the CX engagement transformation, the business value it delivers, and SundaySky’s own transformation to drive this movement forward.

Alice Milligan, Chief Customer Officer at ETRADE, discusses the role of digital in transforming CX.

Phil Bienert, Chief Marketing Officer at 1-800 Contacts, shares the importance of humanizing CX in a personal yet scalable manner.

Guy Atzmon, SundaySky’s SVP of Product & Creative, defines the platform strategy and capabilities required for a wide range of VX, beyond personalized video.


Leading brands are transforming CX engagement with video-powered experiences orchestrated at critical moments across customer journeys. The results: immersive and relevant digital experiences that break through engagement barriers to forge meaningful connections and compel consumer action. Hear from the industry leaders, CX pros, and digital marketers, delivering step-change business value and remarkable experiences, in these Q&A interview sessions.

UnitedHealthcare VP of Marketing Strategy, Kelley Thomes Ries, reflects on her multi-year partnership with SundaySky and the impact of individualized VX for welcoming new plan members on their onboarding journeys. Hear how the healthcare insurer is adding contextual VX to UHC’s local market communication strategy where the ability to support variation at scale is critical during both pre-enrollment and enrollment.

Mona Desai, Engagement & Retention Marketing Lead for New Member Experience at Kaiser Permanente, discusses the importance of transforming the member experience to utilize a more engaging, personal and interactive experience in order to reduce benefits-related call volume. She shares her approach to a phased market launch aligned to data availability, and how the Covid-19 pandemic required an immediate response and shift in the brand’s tone and messaging to resonate with members during uncertain times.

Lovesac, the direct-to-consumer modular furniture brand, requires shopper education around product value and use over time, given the nature of the high-consideration purchase. Melissa Tirado, Director of Digital Marketing, shares why video-powered advertising experiences educate prospective customers on the brand’s many different value propositions, each one specific to where the consumer is at that point in his or her life.

Leesa Sleep former Head of Performance Marketing, Bryon “Shef” Sheffield, shares how the direct-to-consumer mattress company requires a new digital experience that enables brand differentiation and value in a crowded marketplace, compelling shoppers to purchase.

Double the Platform Power: A SundaySky Partner Panel – SundaySky partners Adobe and Merkle join for a discussion on how enterprise brands can activate the Adobe Experience Platform — Merkle’s digital experience platform of record for its clients — and supercharge engagement with SundaySky’s Video Experience Platform, ultimately unleashing the full potential of compelling and immersive digital experiences to revolutionize CX strategies. SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso hosts a panel discussion with Stephen Frieder, President of Americas for Adobe, and Craig Dempster, Global CEO of Merkle.

Topical breakout sessions cover platform demos, product roadmap previews, new creative solutions, VX methodologies and best practices. Learn from SundaySky product managers, creative strategy directors and GTM leaders, to help accelerate your digital CX transformation and deliver breakthrough outcomes.

A Wide Range of VX for Customer-Centric Engagement
A showcase of innovative use-cases and new creative solutions for every type of video-powered experience: individualized, dynamic, contextual and interactive. This session highlights the importance of meeting your customers with relevant VX at critical moments across every customer journey.

SundaySky 102: The Secrets of Scene Sharing
A deep dive into the modular power of a scene and our strategic approach to utilizing a scene library to its maximum capacity. Presented through various case studies, this session reveals how scene architecture simplifies scene sharing and reuse to enable efficient content development and velocity for more video-powered experiences at scale. Leave with our tips on how to get started.

The Life & Science of a Scene: Designing Your Scene Library with Intention
Using SundaySky’s own explainer scene library as a case study, learn how a phased approach to building and launching video-powered experiences enables content velocity and creative flexibility to update scenes, build new stories, and deepen relevancy over time. Want a sneak peak? Visit vx.sundaysky.com.

Revamping the Retail Store Circular with VX Advertising
2020 has been the most complex year yet for retailers, and we’re only half-way through. Brands are in uncharted territories needing the ability to quickly deliver information that is relevant and in certain circumstances, hyper-localized based on real-time signals such as location, price, promotion and availability. When you couple a retailer’s evolving needs with the rising costs of print, it’s clear traditional approaches to advertising no longer cut it. Enter SundaySky’s VX circular solution. This session discusses how retailers can leverage our “walk, crawl, run” approach to standing up our newest advertising solution.

The Creative Toolkit: Work Smarter, Not Harder
Introducing the Creative Toolkit: a new Studio capability and interface that empowers marketers to easily create video-powered experiences out-of-the-box and quickly make edits on the fly through creative configurations with built-in best practices. Own the VX creation and management to increase speed to market and rapidly iterate to adapt to changing messages. Creating a video-powered experience with SundaySky has never been easier.

The Experience Map: Augment Your CX Strategy with a Wide Range of VX
Orchestrating video-powered experiences (VX) at critical moments requires strategy definition across multiple customer journeys for content sharing and message continuity. Join to preview and understand how the Experience Map can help your brand facilitate a video strategy that complements your digital CX engagement across a wide range of customer moments.

SundaySky’s Intelligence Layer: Answering Questions You Didn’t Think to Ask
Designing optimal digital CX can be challenging. SundaySky’s Intelligence Layer makes it easier by leveraging artificial intelligence to help find hidden opportunities in your data. These insights help you to better understand your audience, optimize your content and make more informed VX decisions. Whether it’s a simple CTA change or adding a new scene, all decisions are based on the most important asset: data. This session features recent case study results.

Double the Platform Power: Fuel VX Growth with Your Technology Investments
Learn how to leverage your existing enterprise martech and adtech platforms to unleash the true potential of VX: faster delivery, paid and owned channels, optimized performance. Discover the art of the possible leveraging SundaySky’s platform partners to multiply your VX ROI.

*Schedule to be updated as speakers are confirmed.


Q. What will the virtual Summit be like?
We will be utilizing a virtual event platform that will simulate our live Summit, only in a digital world. As an attendee you will enter a virtual venue with distinct spaces, including: an auditorium theatre for keynote presentations on the mainstage, tracks running concurrently in separate breakout rooms, and a lounge for peer networking.

Often our Summit audience is return attendees from previous years, so our goal is to make this year’s virtual event feel just like any SundaySky event experience you may have attended in-person in the past.

Q. Will content be available on-demand?
We will be sharing all content after the virtual Summit, but you must register and attend the live broadcast on July 21 in order to get on-demand access.

Q. If I registered for the live Summit earlier this year, do I need to re-register for the virtual Summit?
No. Consider yourself already registered for the virtual event in July! We will confirm your registration and send you the virtual event connection details once final, before July 21.

As always, the SundaySky Summit is a closed, invite-only event for our customers, partners, prospects, and select guests.

Q. What is the cost to join SundaySky’s Virtual Summit 2020?
The virtual event is complimentary to our invited guests and attendees (SundaySky customers, partners, prospects, and select guests).

Q. Who do I contact for more information?
Please contact summit@sundaysky.com.

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